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‘42KM’ - our brand name signifies what we stand for and what we truly believe can transform lives, RUNNING. Our vision is to democratise a quality running and active lifestyle experience to all. We are achieving this by producing high quality activewears and selling at a truly transparent price, making it affordable to all.


All our products are carefully designed and has a certain inherent quality to support and enhance the runner’s efficiency. Every product listed has been tested by runners of different body types, and through their feedback it has been iterated multiple times to ergonomically accommodate and comfort every runner in the best possible way.   

How are we making this affordable? 

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our prices


a radically transaparent pricing model

We believe it's your right to know how much your clothes cost to make. On an average, premium brands price their products 5 to 6 times the making cost; mass-market brands, up to 4 to 5 times, and us? Just 2 times the making cost. 

This is another step towards realising our purpose of democratising running and an active lifestyle to all. 

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