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This fun running tee is a light hearted take on our dosa and running. Running is a serious activity, but nobody said to not have some fun! 

Running tee is engineered using our Airobic technology and designed by our in-house creatives. The main features of this tee are listed below,


  • Feather-light Fabric: This tee weighs less than 100 grams, ensuring that you hardly notice the garment while running.

  • Data-Driven Cooling with Mesh in the Back: The top is designed using runner-informed data for cooling in areas where you need it and has high moisture management capability. The entire back is mesh in the back makes this tee extremely comfortable for longer runs.

  • Strategically Reflective: The running tee features strategically placed reflective accents for improved visibility during low-light activities.

  • Odour-free Airobic Fabric: This fabric is treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent sweat odors.

Men Graphic Running Tee with Mesh Back —Eat dosa run fasta

699,00₹ Standardpreis