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The "Performance Tank," sleeveless running tee, is engineered using our Airobic technology and stitchless precision-bonded seams. The main features of this tee are listed below:


  • Featherlight Fabric: This tee weighs less than 100 grams, ensuring that you hardly notice the garment while running.

  • Seamless Comfort: Zero stitch used.These tees are made using precision-bonded seams, making them super non-restrictive in motion and eliminating any irritation during long runs.

  • Data-Driven Cooling: The top is designed using runner-informed data for cooling in areas where you need it. It also comes with ventilation holes in the back, enhancing the overall cooling experience.

  • Strategically Reflective: The tank features strategically placed reflective accents for improved visibility during low-light activities.

  • Odour-free Airobic Fabric: This fabric is treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent sweat odors.

Women Sleeveless Running Tee —Pink

  • Race type: Relax runs to full marathon 

  • Terrain: Road & Track 

  • Temperature: Mild to Hot weather

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