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a challenge to make your solo runs exciting

Ready to run 1 km or more everyday for 42 days, starting this July 25th and ending on September 4th?

And win rewards on participation and on completion

but why?

But why? These are unprecedented times and keeping up with running is becoming hard, and the solo runs are not as exciting. So through this challenge we want to reignite the passion for running, while giving you a communal motivation

ok, how is it communal? 

Using, an app that manages community challenges virtually, you can track your progress and, most importantly, view LEADERBOARDS to activate your communal contest. And if you're the day's fastest or longest runner, you will get featured in our social media (you own all the bragging rights :P)

what is the reward? 

On participation you will receive a complimentary premium running tee and on completion of the challenge you will win a ₹500 42KM gift voucher and an


NOTE: You're ineligible for the gift voucher, if you fail to keep up with the challenge

registration fee - ₹ 500

get a premium running tee + win ₹500 42km gift voucher*


how does work? uses your Strava data to monitor your progress in the challenge and it will take your permission to connect. Post registration, you will be provided a link through which you can install and enter the event. To know more about, check out their website.

NOTE: Manually updated data in Strava will not be considered as valid.

what info do you collect? 

We will be collecting your contact details, along with your t-shirt size for registration and home deliver the event tee. Also, we will be requesting your social handles (optional) to make a mention in case if you're featured as one of the day's winners.

any pre-requisites? 

Are there any pre-requisites? We sincerely request you to be cognizant of the pandemic situation and follow all the necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Apart from this, just your will to complete the challenge.

get a premium running tee + win ₹500 42km gift voucher*

registration fee - ₹ 500




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